Gallant: The Call of The Trail (Paperback)

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By Claire Eckard, Phylicia Mann (Illustrator)
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Gallant and Gracie have a special bond, rarely seen between human and horse. Separated by a bad accident when Gallant is five, each gets a second chance of happiness pursuing the long-distance sport of endurance riding, neither knowing they are leading parallel lives. Gallant's arch nemesis, The Almighty Flash, threatens to destroy all that Gallant has worked for. His misguided ambition and greed, developed at the hands of an abusive owner, has created a darkness in his soul that turns to blind fury when his endurance career is threatened. When Gracie meets Jack, she realizes that nothing will ever be as simple as it used to be. The characters' lives are beautifully woven together against the backdrop of a sport that tests the physical and mental endurance of horse and rider like no other. Gallant: The Call of The Trail, is ultimately a saga of love, adventure, and self-discovery, with an unexpected ending that threatens to change everything. "All ages are in for a treat when you put author Claire Eckard's enthusiasm and talent between the covers of a book. This story plays with your emotions in each chapter and then leaves you wanting more as the last page is turned." -Julie Suhr, author, endurance rider, 30,857 recorded competition miles. "Just finished the book, with tears streaming down my face The story of a young girl and her love and devotion to her horse is heartwarming In this world of uncertainty, it was refreshing to read a wholesome, loving book, suitable for all ages." -Diane Marquard, author, endurance rider, 12,654 recorded competition miles. "The Gallant Series promises to be what Black Beauty, National Velvet, and Lassie were to the youth of previous generations. Eckard has written a riveting story of faith, affection, and adventure that follows the lives of two teenagers as they train to compete in the heart stopping sport of endurance riding. Brilliantly written by Eckard and brought to life by the vivid illustrations of artist Phylicia Mann, this first book is sure to become a classic and will leave you breathlessly waiting for the story to continue in the trilogy of books to follow." -Lucian Spataro, Jr., Ph.D., Author of the "The Long Ride", Endurance Rider and Senior Fellow, Civics, Arizona State University Claire Eckard is an award-winning author who lives in Arizona. She grew up in England and travels there regularly, where she is still obsessed with clotted cream teas, and the tranquil English countryside of her youth. She is married with two grown sons and two beautiful granddaughters. Gallant is her first novel and is the first in a trilogy of books highlighting the sport of endurance riding. She has several published children's books which can be found on her website at, as well as at and other major online sites and bookstores.

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ISBN: 9781662826146
ISBN-10: 1662826141
Publisher: Mill City Press, Inc
Publication Date: September 28th, 2021
Pages: 300
Language: English