Mental Health Journal for Men: Creative Prompts, Practices, and Exercises to Bolster Wellness (Paperback)

Mental Health Journal for Men: Creative Prompts, Practices, and Exercises to Bolster Wellness By Ryan Howes, PhD Cover Image
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Learn how to deal with feelings—a mental health journal just for men

Taking care of yourself means more than just working out and eating right—it also means taking care of the stuff going on in your head. The Mental Health Journal for Men is the one-stop mental health gym for guys, providing effective ways to organize your thoughts and work through stress, anxiety, and more.

Whether it's to chill out with simple breathing exercises, inspire yourself by creating a movie poster about your life, or just explore emotions besides feeling "numb," this mental health journal approaches creative journaling with an eye for the unique challenges that guys face. So, grab a pencil (or pen) and get to work!

The Mental Health Journal for Men features:
  • The help men need—From exploring your kryptonite to being proud of the things you've done (and the body that helped you do them), get a mental health journal that speaks to guys.
  • De-stress creatively—Discover that one of the best ways to explore (and beat) what's bugging you is to draw, chart, graph, and even design a T-shirt with your life's motto.
  • What makes you tick?—Figure out what makes you tick with a mental health journal full of prompts that help you examine yourself, the people in your life, and how you relate to the world.

Teach yourself to feel better with a mental health journal written just for you.

About the Author

Ryan Howes is a husband, father, cofounder of The Mental Health Boot Camp, and board-certified clinical psychologist. He writes for Psychotherapy Networker Magazine and is a contributor to Psychology Today, SELF Magazine, and BuzzFeed. He also plays guitar in a post-folk-punk band.

Praise For…

“A perfect combination of expertise, experience, and creativity, Ryan Howes offers an invaluable resource for men wanting to optimize and manage their mental health. Like a trusted tour guide, he provides helpful exercises and prompts to direct men through the murky territory of their brains and unravel emotions in a way that leads to clarity, sanity, and peace. This is not your typical journal or self-help book. The blend of research and graphics, relatable stories, and accessible language makes it a treasured tool not only for those experiencing a difficult transition or milestone but for any passenger of life who wants a roadmap to better understand themselves and navigate their mental health with ease.” —Therese Borchard, mental health advocate and author of Beyond Blue and The Pocket Therapist

“Ryan Howes has created a journaling experience that will help skeptical men become more curious about their thoughts, feelings, and behaviors without feeling judged or threatened.” —Guy Winch, PhD, author of Emotional First Aid

“Howes has written a compassionate and approachable introduction to managing your mental health that will help even the most reluctant reader feel up to the task. Through deceptively simple prompts that encourage deep introspection, readers will come away with a better understanding of themselves, their needs, and their potential. If that sounds like a tall order, don't worry—with Howes's signature humor and ability to distill intimidating therapeutic concepts into digestible nuggets of wisdom, the journey to self-discovery is an enjoyable one. Any man serious about investing in his mental health will want to keep this invaluable resource on his nightstand.” —Anna Borges, author of The More or Less Definitive Guide to Self-Care, senior health editor at SELF Magazine

“Listen up guys: that single square foot of real estate between your ears is home to the world’s most complex supercomputer. The problem is, it doesn’t exactly come with a handy user manual (but who has time for instructions anyway, right?). So grab your favorite Montblanc, colored pencil, Sharpie, or Space Pen and let Ryan Howes be your humorous, wise, and encouraging guide on this inner journey. Use this journal as a gut checking, butt-kicking, eureka-moment generator as you connect the dots toward greater clarity, confidence, and creativity. The work of building a better YOU moves from the inside out, and your first step starts on page 1. Let’s hear you say ‘challenge accepted!’” —Jared DeFife, PhD, clinical psychologist and adult ADHD advocate

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ISBN: 9781647396251
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Publication Date: August 4th, 2020
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