Fungal Infections: An Issue of Infectious Disease Clinics (Hardcover)

Fungal Infections: An Issue of Infectious Disease Clinics By Sanda Warne (Editor) Cover Image
By Sanda Warne (Editor)
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Fungal infection, also known as mycosis, is a disease that occurs due to fungi. On the basis of the body part affected by fungi, fungal infections are divided into systematic, superficial and subcutaneous. Symptoms of fungal infections range widely, generally a rash can appear in case of a superficial infection. There can be changes and lumps beneath the skin. Meningitis or symptoms similar to pneumonia can occur during a systematic or deeper infection. Fungal infections can happen when a spore is breathed in or comes in interaction with the skin, or when it enters the body via an injection, wound or cut. Treatment usually involves antifungal medicines, which can be an injection, oral medication or a cream, based on the type and extent of infection. In certain cases, treatment requires surgery to cut out infected tissue. This book is a compilation of chapters that discuss the most vital aspects of fungal diseases. It presents researches and studies performed by experts across the globe. Those in search of information to further their knowledge will be greatly assisted by this book.

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ISBN: 9781639276738
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Publisher: American Medical Publishers
Publication Date: September 26th, 2023
Pages: 242
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