grydscaen: insurrection (Paperback)

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When armed hostilities escalate regional tensions, the Psi Faction team is deployed to the battleship Escalon to shore up the Pacific Territories war footing against the Atlantea Federation. Former Psi Faction test subject, Sati Ima, now an ace Air Force pilot, joins the Escalon and the Esset battle fleet intercepting the Atlantea Federation and their ultimate weapon, the Dionysis Air Fortress. As the sky explodes, a barrage of bullets assaulting his cockpit, Sati counters the Atlantea Federation ace, the Streak who is determined to shoot him down. As command of the skies hangs in the balance, with the Escalon moving towards the Atlantea Federation homeland, a critical intelligence briefing casts a pall over attempts to scuttle the menace, with the Viceroy, Lino Dejarre, watching as the Esset's chances at victory slip away. When the Steak threatens Esset command, Sati must make a split-second decision. Yet with the pilot's unstable and reckless behavior straining all faith in him, will Lino regret trusting the erratic pilot, or is Sati truly the only hope to save the fleet and Pacific Territories empire.

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ISBN: 9781638710110
ISBN-10: 1638710112
Publisher: Pageturner Press and Media
Publication Date: May 12th, 2021
Pages: 256
Language: English