The Macro Event: Americas Survival (Hardcover)

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The United States political climate is prime for attack from enemies outside and within. Two of the world's most dangerous "Axis of Evil," Iran and North Korea, coordinate a nuclear missile attack designed to drive the United States to its knees. Embedded groups of coordinated and well-trained terrorist leaders lie waiting throughout the United States. One group of radicals attacks Washington, DC with a truck bomb to start the war.
Orders sent to other terrorist leaders around the country start the assembly of small armies of haters, who aim to destroy what remains after the carnage of the nuclear attacks. A critically injured president lies in a coma. Many high-ranking politicians are dead or missing. A high-altitude EMP (electromagnetic pulse) detonated successfully over Northern California destroys the power grids, electronics, and modern automobiles throughout the Western United States.
Secret plans created in advance by Homeland Security are the only salvation for the devastated, desperate, and stranded population. The attack activates the plan known as the Macro Event (Mass Casualty Relocation Operation). The extensive, well-thought-out MACRO Event plans must now deal with millions of stranded, hungry, and angry Americans now living in darkness.

Lee Andrew Garrett awakes in his hotel room in Las Vegas, finding the twenty-four-hour city of light dark and panic-stricken. Thousands of locals and tourists have few choices except to fight for survival. Lee Garrett's obsession with Doomsday preparation is now his salvation. He quickly gathers his supplies and makes a dangerous trek out of Sin City. Jake Rodriguez is winning big when the lights go out. The army soldier on leave from Fort Irwin California, also knows getting out of Vegas is paramount. Not as well-prepared, but a soldier, Jake also finds danger as he moves quickly west toward his base in the Mohave Desert. Surrounded by armed crazies taking advantage of the devastation and confusion, Jake finds himself facing sure death. Lee Garrett becomes his unlikely but lucky salvation. United, the two men continue their escape from Vegas into the desert toward the remote army base. They arrive at Fort Irwin, where they learn just how bad the attack has been. Spread way too thin, the government must somehow find ways to deal with the millions of expected refugees. Lee Garrett's knowledge of his hometown makes him a valuable asset to one of the many small teams needed for control of the choke points out of Los Angeles. The small town of Agua Dulce lies directly in the path of desperate people trying to flee the chaos of the big city. Lee agrees to join a small force of soldiers.

Flown to Agua Dulce on military choppers, Lee and Jake build a small but capable force of professionals and volunteers. The soldiers, police, and volunteers band together, helping the needy and fighting those who wreak havoc. The situation goes from difficult to worse when a major terrorist cell heads toward Agua Dulce, setting the stage for a major battle between good and evil. The story does not end with this first book.

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ISBN: 9781633389663
ISBN-10: 1633389669
Publisher: Fulton Books
Publication Date: October 15th, 2019
Pages: 418
Language: English