POK POK Noodles: Recipes from Thailand and Beyond [A Cookbook] (Hardcover)

POK POK Noodles: Recipes from Thailand and Beyond [A Cookbook] By Andy Ricker, JJ Goode Cover Image
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From chef and bestselling author Andy Ricker comes this definitive guide to the most delicious and time-honored noodle dishes of Thailand with recipes anyone can make at home.


From iconic dishes like phat thai and phat si ew to lesser-known (at least Stateside) treasures like kuaytiaw reua (boat noodles), noodles represent many of the most delicious and satisfying dishes in the Thai culinary canon. In POK POK Noodles, chef Andy Ricker shares recipes for his favorites—including noodle soups, fried noodles, and khanom jiin, Thailand's only indigenous noodle. Filled with stunning food and location photography and the thoughtful, engaging storytelling that has earned Ricker legions of fans, this book will become an instant classic for armchair travelers and lovers of Thai food and culture.

About the Author

ANDY RICKER worked in restaurants all over the world before opening his first restaurant, Pok Pok, in Portland. He has since gone on to open Whiskey Soda Lounge, Pok Pok Noi, and Pok Pok Wing in Portland, and Pok Pok NY in Brooklyn. JJ GOODE has co-written several books including Pok Pok with Andy Ricker, April Bloomfield's A Girl and Her Pig, and Morimoto with Masaharu Morimoto. Together, they are the authors of Pok Pok and Pok Pok The Drinking Food of Thailand.

Praise For…

“Ricker’s expertise with and affinity for Thai fare make for dishes well worth slurping up.”
- Publishers Weekly

“Andy Ricker’s final installment in the Pok Pok cookbook trilogy is exceptional. He deploys over thirty years of experience to demystify and showcase Thai noodle craftsmanship and spotlights a broad range of favorites. Andy’s noodly deep dive will help you master the cooking and culture of Thailand.”
ANDREA NGUYEN, author of The Pho Cookbook and Vietnamese Food Any Day

“This book is a delectable immersion course in noodles and the boundless
possibilities of street food in Thailand. With a bowl of broth, laden with
herbs and chewy noodles, Andy Ricker transports me to an endlessly tasty
place and makes me want to put on my apron and start cooking!”
“When I think of Andy, I see him in a tattoo form, sitting low, eating noodles.
It’s how I always imagine him. So it made perfect sense that he wrote a book
about noodles. Now reality just caught up to imagination. I cannot wait
to learn from his book and from the people that have become his family
in Thailand.”
ROY CHOI, chef and author of L.A. Son
“Andy Ricker’s newest gem is an homage to the foods he loves most dearly,
and is one of the best books ever written on the most mystifying and
crave-able piece of the Thai culinary canon, the noodle! This masterpiece is
ideal for even the most casual home cook, inspiring anyone to get into the
kitchen and make the Thai noodle dishes we all love so much.”
ANDREW ZIMMERN, host of Bizarre Foods
“Andy Ricker is a true authority on Thai cookery. There has never been
a book that covers Thai noodles as thoughtfully as Pok Pok Noodles.
This book completes a trilogy that tells the story of Thai food, ingredients,
and people.”
CHEF JET TILA, Food Network
“There was a time when I used to consult my grandma when I wanted to
know how things were ‘in the old country.’ These days, I mostly turn to
Andy. In his latest book, we learn everything there is to know about his
greatest love, noodles. We benefit from Andy’s decades of experience
pounding the pavement, chatting up shop owners, and delving deep into
Thai culinary history so that we don’t have to. Buy Andy’s book, cook from
it, thank me later.”
“I was first drawn to Andy Ricker because of his strong, manly name. It turns
out that he also knows a lot about Thai food. His new book, Pok Pok Noodles,
is so effing gorgeous that I almost feel dirty looking at it. Even the table of
contents, which is basically a list of noodle dishes and their descriptions,
is legitimately thrilling. And it’s beautifully written, which doesn’t even
seem necessary. Devour this book!”
“I love noodles in all forms and guises. One of the greatest joys of walking in
Bangkok is to survey the markets and street stalls in all their glory. My eyes
usually always fall to the noodles, glistening, inviting and enticing. I find
them irresistible. Reading Andy’s book is as good as a stroll in Bangkok. The
wide-ranging choice of noodles is arresting. I read his book in one sitting,
imagining myself eating every dish with relish. His book is an essential
entrée into my favorite world, the noodles of Thailand.”
DAVID THOMPSON, author of Thai Food and Thai Street Food

Praise for The Drinking Food of Thailand:

"An outstanding, authoritative, and integral work--the result of yeas of drinking and eating and drinking more in a country that Ricker has made his second home. Essential."

"A book you will love to cook from and a superb deep dive into an overlooked part of Thai culture."

"A punk rock version of what Ricker serves at his popular Whiskey Soda Lounge. This is meant to be bar food, but there's more to it than spicy fried peanuts: stir fries, curries, fried chicken, and the bold flavors Pok Pok is known for jump off each page. Even novice cooks will be drawn into this colorful, flavorful world."

"A booze-fueled adventure. . . Warning: The Thai-style fried chicken and kaffir lime-tinged fried peanuts will ruin you from the any bar's bowl of mixed nuts for life."
--Tasting Table

"Ricker's prose, written with Goode, is chatty and engaging, and the photos, by Austin Bush, will pretty quickly get you looking up flights to Chiang Mai."
--Los Angeles Times

"An eye-opening assortment of recipes that are the perfect excuse to have a bunch of friends over for drinks, from crispy red-skinned peanuts stir-fried with lime leaf, garlic, and chiles to kai thawt (dry-fried Thai-spiced chicken wings)."

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