The Girl with the Million-Dollar Legs: My Life in Burlesque, Porn and Kink (Paperback)

The Girl with the Million-Dollar Legs: My Life in Burlesque, Porn and Kink Cover Image
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"I invite you to take a wild ride with me into the mysterious, taboo cultures of Burlesque, Porn and Kink through my personal, intimate, historical account of my journey in the Golden Age from 1983 to the present day. Share in my exploration of my own personal sexual evolution and my part in the sexual revolution. "This book will show you that not all Porn Stars are victims of their life's circumstances. Some of them, like myself, actually face life's challenges by diving deeply into their own self/sexual growth. Burlesque, Porn and Kink are not what you may have been taught to believe, or even what you believe today. 'Porn is a bad thing?' 'Porn exploits women?' Reading this book will certainly give you another viewpoint to these beliefs, and allow you to gain a new philosophy about some very old professions." - Porsche Lynn Porsche Lynn is a legend in the world of Adult Entertainment and known as The Girl with the Million Dollar Legs. She started her career as a burlesque performer, gracing the pages of most men's magazines like High Society, Chic, and Cheri. She then went to on star in over 250 XXX-rated films between the years 1985-2002. During that time she became part of the Adult Hall of Fame, Legends of Erotica, Free Speech Coalition, X-Rated Critics, and the Hustler Hall of Fame. She is an activist for Free Speech, especially in the area of Adult Entertainment and Sexual Education. She was an integral part in the making of the Free Speech Coalition poster, which recreated the raising of the flag at Iwo Jima. In her time after the camera, she went on to become one of the premiere Domina's, as well as owning and operating her own dungeon located in Phoenix, AZ, where she continues to be an advocate for free speech, sexual exploration (especially in the area of power exchange), and sexual education.

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ISBN: 9781593935931
ISBN-10: 1593935935
Publisher: Bearmanor Adult
Publication Date: August 15th, 2014
Pages: 178
Language: English