Urban Legends: COVID-19 VAX injuries are not "URBAN LEGENDS" (Hardcover)

Urban Legends: COVID-19 VAX injuries are not
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In 2020, seasoned US broadcast and print investigative journalist Christine Dolan, who has worked for US networks, even as CNN's Political Director in the 1980s, was covering the US presidential campaign. It morphed into the brutal COVID-19 presidential campaign. Our world was turned upside down globally.

Few among Dolan's colleagues professionally knew her family background, and with an intense skill for cross-referencing, Dolan used her rolodex to get to the bottom of the COVID-19 origin and the ramifications on why COVID-19 vaccinations were the only answer and how dangerous they were.

By August 2020, Dolan concluded what she was observing was medical trafficking as a global human trafficking investigative journalist for nearly a quarter of a century.

In a riveting tell-all Dolan brings the readers into how real investigations are conducting to bring forth the truth no matter how painful it is and how high the hurdles are.

About the Author

Christine Dolan is a broadcast and print investigative journalist, photographer, author, and recognized as one of the most seasoned investigators of human trafficking in the world. Her career has focused on US and international politics and policy, wars/conflicts, humanitarian disasters, terrorist and criminal networks. Since 2000, she has focused on human trafficking and terrorism worldwide on the street, and over the internet, as well as international politics and policy.

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ISBN: 9781592114290
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Publication Date: June 25th, 2024
Pages: 200
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