Power to the Players: The GameStop Phenomenon and Why It's Only Getting Started (Hardcover)

Power to the Players: The GameStop Phenomenon and Why It's Only Getting Started By Rob Smat Cover Image
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The sea shanties, YOLOs, and red bandanas were just the beginning. Authors, journalists, and filmmakers have all attempted to tell stories about “dumb money” or “a revolution that wasn’t,” but every rendition has fallen short of the truth.

Witness firsthand the real and utterly ludicrous hive-mind that brought Wall Street to its knees in January 2021, and find out why GameStop was only the beginning of an even more unprecedented retail contagion, one which will challenge everything you think you know about our markets (all over again).

In a digital world of frequently deleted, revised, and buried information, accurately piecing together events as they occurred is nearly impossible.

While other media may have succeeded in secondary recaps of the GameStop phenomenon, author Rob Smat delves into the primary source material, having lived it himself.

Most importantly of all, find out why the GameStop phenomenon isn’t some pandemic-era fad, but instead a very real and continuing battle with billions of dollars still hanging in the balance.

About the Author

In addition to his work as an author, Rob Smat is a writer and director of feature films. His work includes The Last Whistle (2019) and Walkout (2023), and upcoming books include The Wedding March, and The Birdhouse, as well as action/sci-fi novel, Backfill. Under his Reddit moniker u/MadSmatter, Rob has made the site’s esteemed front page a handful of times, thanks to posts about independent filmmaking, green bean casserole, and of course, GameStop.

Praise For…

"A truly monumental tale of retail investors and their battle against the Goliaths of modern American finance. The story is far from over." — Peruvian Bull, Financial Analyst

"The history and facts in this book clearly describe the ongoing events of this saga, unlike the mainstream media’s feeble attempts. I am honored to be a part of this community and would recommend this to anyone who wants to travel down the rabbit hole!" —Wooch, Musician, Artist, & Superstonk Advocate

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ISBN: 9781592113156
ISBN-10: 159211315X
Publisher: Gaudium Publishing
Publication Date: November 21st, 2023
Pages: 220
Language: English