When Your Mind Screams: Finding Peace and Confidence in the Midst of Anxiety (Hardcover)

When Your Mind Screams: Finding Peace and Confidence in the Midst of Anxiety By Christopher Glatis Cover Image
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WHEN YOUR MIND SCREAMS: Finding Peace And Confidence In The Midst Of Anxiety - Self-Help Book For Anxiety - Anxiety Control Panic Attack Relief Book - Anxiety Books For Adults

"Anxiety is resistance. Plain and simple. Christopher Glatis's book will not coddle you. If you truly want to face your demons head-on, it will show you how to make anxiety your ally." - Steven Pressfield, bestselling author of The War Of Art and Gates Of Fire

"I consciously tried to exact a counterintuitive approach to anxiety and lean into the fear - rather than shrink away from it. This shift in stance and other more mindful practices effectively changed my life. I adopted a new philosophy: Stop fighting your anxiety and learn to dance with it, befriend it, and then appreciate it." - Christopher Glatis

With gripping personal anecdotes, practical techniques, and a compassionate approach, this self-help book offers a transformative guide to achieving anxiety relief and finding peace within oneself. The author's journey from hiding to embracing his anxious life forms the backbone of this book on anxiety, inspiring readers to rethink their relationship with anxiety. This anxiety book provides valuable tools to slow down, lean into fear, breathe, cultivate mindfulness, and gain control over one's inner thoughts.

At its core, this anxiety relief book is a beacon of hope for those looking for freedom and peace by embracing anxiety as a dance partner rather than an adversary. Whether seeking personal tools or supporting someone navigating anxiety, this panic attacks book offers invaluable insights and practical guidance. It is a testament to the transformative power of self-acceptance and the journey toward true inner peace. So, delve into one of the most remarkable anxiety books available and embark on a life-changing expedition to conquer anxiety and embrace a fulfilling life.

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ISBN: 9781544535401
ISBN-10: 1544535406
Publisher: Houndstooth Press
Publication Date: February 7th, 2023
Pages: 300
Language: English