Warfare in the Age of Crusades: The Latin East (Hardcover)

Warfare in the Age of Crusades: The Latin East By Brian Todd Carey, Joshua B. Allfree, John Cairns Cover Image
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Warfare in the Age of Crusades: The Latin East explores in fascinating detail the key campaigns, battles and sieges that shaped the crusading period of the Middle Ages, giving special attention to military technologies, tactics and strategies. Key personalities and political factors are addressed, including the role of papal monarchy in initiating the crusading expeditions, the relationship between Catholic Europe and the Byzantine Empire, the role of the religious military orders, and Islamic and Mongol military capabilities.

Chapters are devoted to each of the major crusades to the Levant - First, Second, Third and Fourth crusades - and an analysis of the Islamic response. The rise of the Mamluks in Egypt, with their innovative military organization, is covered, as are the failed Egyptian and Tunisian campaigns. The concluding chapters describe the Mongol campaigns in the Levant, the Mamluk response, and the final siege of Acre in 1291.

This original and perceptive study of a key stage in medieval military history features regional, strategic and multi-phase tactical maps that illuminate the narrative and provide a valuable resource for students, historians and wargamers alike.

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ISBN: 9781526730213
ISBN-10: 1526730219
Publisher: Pen & Sword Military
Publication Date: November 30th, 2022
Pages: 272
Language: English