Are We the Next Endangered Species?: Bioweapons, Eugenics, and More (Hardcover)

Are We the Next Endangered Species?: Bioweapons, Eugenics, and More By Dr. Richard M. Fleming Cover Image
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Are We the Next Endangered Species? unravels the complex web of historical events, misinformation, and the ominous convergence of bioweapons and eugenics

In this thought-provoking new book, Dr. Fleming challenges us to navigate the murky waters of history, exposing parallel programs developed over the last 170 years in the United States. This riveting exploration unearths ancient civilizations that embraced slavery, sterilization, and eugenics, drawing chilling parallels to our present reality. Dr. Fleming confronts the uncomfortable truth: are we repeating the mistakes of the past while expecting different outcomes? Are we destined to replicate the errors that led to the rise of powerful individuals and organizations seeking ultimate control over others?

Key revelations include the stealthy usurpation of power in the United States since the 1850s, the nation's pivotal role in developing biological and chemical weapons, and its shocking collaboration with Nazi scientists, doctors, and intelligence officers. Dr. Fleming unveils the shadowy world of covert operations, the establishment of the military-industrial complex, and the surrender of medical control to the federal government.

Readers will discover the intricate pathways of biowarfare and eugenics converging with the emergence of COVID. They will learn about the gain-of-function bioweapons responsible for the pandemic and the parallel development of eugenic genetic vaccines. Fleming reveals the control wielded by the military-industrial complex and world leaders over your life, movement, property, and freedoms.

This book is not just an exploration of the past or a revelation of how those in power are on the brink of realizing their ultimate control, it's a call to action. It doesn't just raise awareness—it empowers readers to understand, question, and take decisive action to halt the ominous path we're on.

In a world where truth is elusive and power is coveted, this book is a beacon of knowledge, urging you to discover what you can do to stop the impending threats to our existence. The future hangs in the balance and Are We the Next Endangered Species? provides the roadmap to safeguard it.

About the Author

Dr. Richard M. Fleming is a physicist, nuclear cardiologist, and attorney with fifty-three years of research experience. He has spent decades investigating what causes multiple health problems including heart disease, cancer, and SARS-CoV-2/COVID-19. He joined the American Heart Association in 1976 and actively began teaching and researching heart disease; including both what causes heart disease and how to accurately find heart disease. In 1994 he presented his original theory on "Inflammation and Heart Disease" which was published in a cardiology textbook in 1999 and presented on 20/20 in 2004. His research career has also involved investigating and correcting errors made in medical testing including coronary arteriography and nuclear imaging; for both heart disease and cancer. In 2017 after two decades of work he patented the first method capable of measuring regional blood flow and metabolic changes occurring inside the body. This method known as FMTVDM (Fleming Method) makes it possible to accurately determine what is happening inside the body as well as whether treatments prescribed for patients are working or not. In 2004 after reducing the amount of radiation he was giving patients for nuclear imaging tests of the heart he was accused of billing fraud. After evidence was hidden from the jury he agreed to a plea deal that did not state a crime making it possible for him to protect one of his children.

Praise For…

Praise for Is COVID 19 a Bioweapon?

“A powerful, well-documented exposé of those criminally responsible for the bioweapon known as SARS-CoV-2. Dr. Fleming reveals the published studies detailing how the engineering of this virus has unfolded over the past twenty years. He also documents the money trails of those involved. A short and exciting read.”
DR. MERCOLA, founder of, the most-visited natural health site on the internet for the past twenty years

“What is as remarkable as it is rare in science in Dr. Richard Fleming’s book is this systematic, exhaustive, ‘bulldozer’ approach. Like these immense GMO agricultural robot-machines guided by GPS, capable of stopping on the slightest mound or suspicious anomaly, he leaves nothing in the shade; he ‘plows’ this enigma of the birth of SARS-CoV-2, going back to its distant genealogical ancestors, also already manipulated in the laboratory. Like a criminal investigation, it tracks down the slightest patent or conflict of interest among these illustrious scientists with an unassailable aura, or among these respected foundations that were believed to sow good for humanity.”

“This richly informed book takes you through the nefarious intersection of politics and the weaponization of science that is deeply dispiriting. It exposes the corruption and collusion of governments that threaten our very existence. This is an important book as it takes us towards the truth and gives us hope that many scientists, such as Dr. Fleming, are risking everything in order to bring the guilty to justice and find solutions for mankind.”
MELINDA MAYNE, attorney and barrister

“Cometh the hour, cometh the man. In a world where we find ourselves unwitting victims of the greatest crimes ever perpetrated against humanity, we must be thankful for the fearlessness of research scientist Dr. Richard M. Fleming in laying bare, in this book, the incontrovertible evidence that the SARS-CoV-2 virus is a bioweapon deliberately engineered using Gain-of Function research, which has been used to lay waste to countless lives and wreak havoc on a global scale. This book exposes those criminally responsible and hopefully in the fullness of time, it will be instrumental in helping to bring them to justice.”

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