The Missing Roots (Hardcover)

The Missing Roots By Osazee Williams Omoregie Cover Image
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You can carry a planted tree pot from place to place, but you can't carry a planted tree that is strongly rooted to the ground around as you please because it is rooted and have grown into a strong big tree with a strong foundation. The kids that are well rooted to the ground with a strong foundation of family values and positive life values will become productive as an adult and also will be able to add good values to the lives of others and to the community. While those that are not well rooted to the ground with strong family values will end up making wrong decisions in life and become a problem to themselves and the community. Discovering the missing roots will help these strong young men to find their identities and also a balance platform to discover a purpose and hope in life to anchored onto in their lives' journey in order to start living again, which will enable them to have courage and self-motivation to develop a successful lifestyle in their lives journey by having the ability to make a better choice and choose a better life path that will enable him to be useful to himself and to his borough and community globally. This is so that he will not take the easier path that will lead to destruction or end up being stereotyped as a gangster, drugs addict, single mum/dad, or any other anti-social behaviour or activities that are the menace of a modern-day society.

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ISBN: 9781504995894
ISBN-10: 1504995899
Publisher: Authorhouse
Publication Date: January 7th, 2016
Pages: 156
Language: English