Little Bird and Myrtle Turtle (Paperback)

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Vickie McEntire's Little Bird & Myrtle Turtle is an inspiring story of encouragement and persistence for young children. It expresses how Little Bird overcomes adversity with the help of an unlikely rescuer, Myrtle Turtle. In turn, Myrtle Turtle is blessed by watching Little Bird learn to spread his wings. It is beautifully illustrated by Christina Vergona with elements of classic literature. I can see this story being shared not only with children, but graduates and parents as a testament to the relationships, sometimes unlikely, necessary for success.

­--Rachel Lamar, M.Ed., Media Specialist

This beautifully illustrated book is crafted with precision to allow the deeper message to come through in a thoughtful way, but never preachy or simplistic. You come away from this book with many important messages that children of all ages would understand and apply to their lives.

­­­­­­--Lisa M. Russell, MAPW, English instructor and author of Lost Towns of North Georgia

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ISBN: 9781504390019
ISBN-10: 1504390016
Publisher: Balboa Press
Publication Date: October 31st, 2017
Pages: 32
Language: English