Whales: Their Biology and Behavior (Paperback)

Whales: Their Biology and Behavior By Phillip Hammond, Sonja Heinrich, Sascha Hooker Cover Image
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"This book is an intellectual appetizer plate for readers. It surveys many topics on whale evolution, ecology, anatomy, physiology, behavior, and human interactions but only lightly touches each topic. By doing so, the authors provide an introduction to a broad sweep of whale biology without producing a massive, dense tome."Choice

This book explores the lives of the world's largest living mammals. Drawing on the latest scientific research, Whales describes these incredible animals' evolution from terrestrial to marine mammals, their life cycle, diversity and distribution, and the ecosystems of which they are a part. Whales highlights the many extraordinary aspects of these intelligent and social creatures, including the complex vocalizations they use to communicate over vast distances.

Philip Hammond, Sonja Heinrich, Sascha Hooker, and Peter Tyack investigate the role of whales in human culture, from whaling to whale watching, and emphasize how scientists monitor the current threats to whales and the methods they use to conserve their future. Spectacular photographs of whales in the wild reveal the private lives of these fascinating and majestic ocean giants.

About the Author

Philip Hammond, Sonja Heinrich, Sascha Hooker, and Peter Tyack are researchers at the Sea Mammal Research Unit based at the University of St Andrews.

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ISBN: 9781501716560
ISBN-10: 1501716565
Publisher: Comstock Publishing
Publication Date: August 15th, 2017
Pages: 144
Language: English