The Dominant Wife Rule Book - Chastity Device Edition (Paperback)

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What you will find that follows this introduction is a set of rules and information that you can adhere to in your Dominant / submissive relationship or not. If you purchased the actual book rather then the E-book, you will find each page has the rule listed and a check box for "Yes" and "No" so that you may start off slowly implementing new rules when either an infraction of that particular rule is encountered and needs to be dealt with by agreeing to adhere to the new rule, or say when the submissive has to many minor infractions and because of that a new rule needs be added to the submissive list of rules they will need to adhere to. Kind of like you do something bad then you have a new rule in your life. It can be quite a lot of fun, just sitting down and reading a rule and each time a new rule is added the submissive life can change dramatically because of it. How you implement the rules or not, is entirely up to you, these are just guidelines, things that we have found have been fun and work well in our relationship, feel free to alter or change a rule to fit your own situations.We have even included a number of pages for you to add your own specific rules that you may have that is not included in our own rules. What you have in the end is pretty much an owner's manual for your submissive husband, what better fun can there be for a submissive husband to know that in his house is a book of rules that he must follow else he may be punished by his Dominant wife. I personally like to leave the book lying around the house just so my submissive husband can see it and know that it is there.

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Publication Date: August 13th, 2014
Pages: 70
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