Guardians of the Secrets Book I (Hardcover)

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Have you ever thought about the true whereabouts of the Garden of Eden? Over the centuries the mystery of the true location has been forgotten, manipulated, and fantasized by Christian authorities to nothing more than a Sunday School lesson for children. Guardians Of The Secrets Book I: Discovery Of Adam And The Garden Of Eden is a real-life fact finding adventure, taking you to mountain tombs, hidden caves, guarded islands, and through lost ancient writings to reveal the newly discovered true biblical location of the Garden of Eden. In this historical journey, you'll discover: - The location of the Garden of Eden and its rivers - The Cave of Treasures, Adam's tomb, and Golgotha's meaning - The place where life began Travel with biblical explorer, Jim Rankin on an incredible adventure that has taken years of research and amazing God-lead journey's to uncover the truths that have been hidden from mankind for centuries. You are about to discover not only the real Garden of Eden where God walked, but where He later returned to fulfill His covenant for mankind. Jim Rankin is an accomplished biblical explorer and best-selling author (for his book Jesus In Ethiopia) and dubbed as "A real-life modern day Indiana Jones with a Bible in hand." Since giving up the entertainment and corporate world, he has dedicated his life to locating the truths of the Bible, while sharing the gospel around the world. A graduate of the School of the Scriptures Bible College and founder of Adventures In Truth Biblical Exploration and Missions. When not in Ethiopia, he and his wife live in Florida and travel the United States sharing their mission and discoveries.

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ISBN: 9781498486460
ISBN-10: 1498486460
Publisher: Xulon Press
Publication Date: October 26th, 2016
Pages: 324
Language: English