150 Femdom Assignments for Your Sissy / Submissive (Paperback)

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. This book is strictly for entertainment purposes and is not considered a training book in any way shape or form. This book should only be read by adults and people who are interested in ideas for alternative sexual fun. That is the true goal after all is to have a little fun in this life isn't it so if this is your idea of fun then we hope you enjoy these ideas immensely. If however this is not your idea of fun then why did you buy the book in the first place? Quite a bit of effort was put in to this to keep the assignments as simple and straight forward as possible. The assignments vary from quite easy to quite difficult and it is up to you and your own personal situation as to how you will accomplish them. There is no grading system or anything like that provided however if you are working on these assignments with a partner or Mistress then I am sure the grading will be done by them appropriately. That being said remember that you are in control at all times and that if you don't want to do something don't do it, once again we are not forcing you to do anything, these are just entertaining ideas for you to read and decide for yourself. The ideal situation for these assignments is if you are doing it with a partner or Mistress, but the majority of them can be done solo if you do not have someone else to play with, I am sure you will be able to figure out the best way to achieve acceptable results either way. Some of these assignments require certain items that you may or may not have already so either go out and buy them or find some other alternative for the necessary items and get on with it. What is a Sissy? A Sissy for our purposes is man who likes to wear female attire whether that be undergarments or a full fledge cross dresser. They like to feel like what a woman would feel like, though they do not necessarily have aspirations to truly become a woman they just like the naughtiness about the whole idea. They are usually submissive many consider themselves bi-sexual, they are usually into being dominated by females. They are not usually homosexual in the true sense of the word but there are certainly no issues if they were. It comes down to being more feminine, a true submissive sissy likes to be ordered about and told to do things that are naughty, and sometimes painful in a naughty way. There is no real definition of a sissy in our world that could adequately sum up the many different feelings that go through the mind of a Sissy male to state the simple truth.

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