Texted Lies, Whispered Truths: Jason Collier's Story (Paperback)

Texted Lies, Whispered Truths: Jason Collier's Story By Terri Anne Browning, Lonnie Doris Cover Image
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It started with one simple picture shared on social media. Something that happens almost every day in almost everyone's life. But for Jason Collier, that one little photo turned his world upside down. The then-police chief of Stinnett, Texas, found himself as the butt of a weary, embattled nation's jokes. And they had an endless supply of them.

But as flames of the dumpster fire of this seemingly sordid tale rose higher and higher, some began to wonder about the other side of the story.

Jason Collier remained quiet...

Until now.

Get his side of the story, from the very beginning.

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ISBN: 9781087954660
ISBN-10: 1087954665
Publisher: Lomopro, LLC
Publication Date: March 9th, 2021
Pages: 76
Language: English