Sombre (Paperback)

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A gripping new series that combines Steampunk, Horror and Macabre Fantasy.

Hope Kelley dreams every night. Every night she dreams in Sombre. Sombre is an existence beyond any other. A nightmare world so lucid, it can be felt, it exists.

The Kelley's have just moved to Pento, a town in California. Hope is fifteen. Introverted and self-conscious she struggles to make friends. A new town is hard.

To make it even harder, Sombre, has taken over her life.

It all starts with a dream - a violent one. This dream is her Rite of Passage into the nightmare world of Sombre where she becomes the wonderfully spirited and sassy Halliday Knight. Halliday rides her machanihorse, Wilder, through Sombre's endless nightmare towns and borough's, rescuing earth's troubled sleepers - building Sombre's ever increasing population ... one broken corpse at a time.

Hope wakes each morning feeling every stab, punch, and bite, Halliday receives on her nightly missions in the nightmare world.

Hope's waking world begins to clash with her sleeping one as she discovers that there is another that endures Sombre. Someone close. An unlikely friendship evolves.

Hope Kelley's world changes forever.

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ISBN: 9780994272836
ISBN-10: 0994272839
Publisher: Grimprint Publishing
Publication Date: June 1st, 2020
Pages: 298
Language: English