Hazardous Imaginings: The Mondo Book of Politically Incorrect Science Fiction (Paperback)

Hazardous Imaginings: The Mondo Book of Politically Incorrect Science Fiction Cover Image
By Andrew Fox, Barry N. Malzberg (Foreword by)
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Science fiction is NOT a safe space

Two short novels and three stories by the author of Fat White Vampire Blues push the boundaries of taboo in science fiction. An English archeologist who yearns for the love of a young Jewish refuge sets out to convince a majority of the world's population that the Holocaust never happened - hoping to not only wipe it from the annals of history, but also from reality. The Martian colony Bradbury sends an investigator to pursue a gay Uyghur murderer in a future Australian city where members of each ethnic and grievance group are invisible to all those who don't belong to their tribe. A far-future academic treatise describes a rediscovered Fusionist liturgical text that combines the writings of radical feminist Joanna Russ and female slavery fantasist John Norman. An aggressively therapeutic State of Florida lovingly wraps its bureaucratic tentacles around those it deems unenlightened. A born-again Christian cafeteria worker in a small Texas college town becomes the only friend of an insectoid alien come to evacuate humanity from a doomed Earth.

These stories leave no sacred cows unprodded.

"Remarkable work in an incendiary time. The Truest Quill." -Barry N. Malzberg, author of Beyond Apollo and Breakfast in the Ruins

"Andrew Fox writes like a combination of Kurt Vonnegut, Dave Barry and Molly Ivins..." -Lucius Shepard, author of The Golden and Life During Wartime

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ISBN: 9780989802710
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Publisher: Monstracity Press
Publication Date: October 14th, 2020
Pages: 426
Language: English