The Mother-Daughter Puzzle: A New Generational Understanding of the Mother-Daughter Relationship (Paperback)

The Mother-Daughter Puzzle: A New Generational Understanding of the Mother-Daughter Relationship By Rosjke Hasseldine Cover Image
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From the sales desk to the boardroom, too many women feel as though they are "giving from a place of empty," constantly putting their wants and needs last in a culture that expects them to give and never take. If this describes you, take heart The source of your dilemma might well spring from the relationship you have (or had) with your mother, your daughter, or both.

In The Mother-Daughter Puzzle, Rosjke Hasseldine, an internationally recognized expert on the mother-daughter relationship, Huffington Post blogger, and Adjunct Lecturer at the University of New Hampshire, provides a step-by-step guide on how to connect the dots between what's happening in your mother-daughter relationship and how society and your generational family treats women. Rosjke's book teaches you how to map your mother-daughter history, an eye-opening way to help provide answers to your dilemma. From this mapping, you'll also learn how to raise your entitlement to speak and be heard, and to challenge and change harmful sexist beliefs and cultural stereotypes, so you can enjoy an emotionally connected, mutually supportive mother-daughter bond.

"In The Mother-Daughter Puzzle, Rosjke Hasseldine explores one of the most influential relationships in women's lives. Her stories vividly demonstrate the dynamic nuances of this grounding relationship, and how those dynamics shape the way women relate to themselves, their work, and how they engage in other interpersonal relationships. She challenges readers to assess the mother-daughter dynamic in a new way and engage in processes that foster equality and structure egalitarianism."

Helen LaKelly Hunt PhD, author of And the Spirit Moved Them: The Lost Radical History of America's First Feminists.

"This is a very important book. It can help us all to understand the mother-daughter relationship and guide us to create a positive one. A must-read."

Gloria Feldt, former President and CEO of Planned Parenthood Federation of America, Co-Founder and President of Take The Lead, author of No Excuses.

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