Pineapple Grenade (MP3 CD)

Pineapple Grenade By Tim Dorsey, Oliver Wyman (Read by) Cover Image
By Tim Dorsey, Oliver Wyman (Read by)
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A magnet for hurricanes, boat people, and geezer snowbirds in pastels, Miami does crazy better than anywhere, whether it's the media feeding frenzy over the "Hollow Man," a gutless corpse found on the beach, or the giant shark carcasses stuffed with some other human's limbs jamming up busy intersections. But Florida trivialista and one-man vigilante Serge Storms has bigger fish than dead stuffed sharks to fry. He wants to be a spy--and what better way to demonstrate his wares than by taking surveillance photos of foreign consulates as Miami plays host to the Meeting of the Americas Conference His best bud Coleman isn't sure about this James Bond stuff. But then Coleman is too stoned to be sure about much, including Serge's all-new Secret Master Plan. Could it involve the CIA spying on itself from the very place it launched Operation Mongoose to overthrow Castro? One thing is certain: neither Homeland Security nor the company is amused when newly caped crusaders Serge and Coleman start taking out would-be political assassins targeting a banana republic president. A tinpot dictator and the Hollow Man aren't the only pollution threatening Florida's shores. There's a mysterious Mafioso selling grenade launchers, Gulf Spill oil, and a new shade of scary in the terror warning colorwheel. So many messes what's a concerned citizen-psychopath like Serge to do? No doubt, the fruit will fly when he pulls the pin out of this Pineapple Grenade.

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ISBN: 9780792786412
ISBN-10: 0792786416
Publisher: Blackstone Audiobooks
Publication Date: April 1st, 2012
Language: English