Wonderfully Wired Brains: An Introduction to the World of Neurodiversity (Hardcover)

Wonderfully Wired Brains: An Introduction to the World of Neurodiversity By Louise Gooding, Ruth Burrows (Illustrator) Cover Image
By Louise Gooding, Ruth Burrows (Illustrator)
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An informative and inclusive children’s guide to neurodiversity for those not in the know and to inspire children who are neurodivergent.

Our brains are unique in the way they function, work, and think. Neurodiversity is still a relatively ’new’ concept that can be tricky to understand, but this book is here to help! This inspirational book written by neurodiverse author Louise Gooding challenges misconceptions and shows how neurodivergent brains work a little differently. 

It is common for neurodiverse people and those with neurological differences to feel as though they don’t fit in, but their extraordinary differences should be embraced. Wonderfully Wired Brains teaches children aged 7-9 all about the awesome abilities that neurodiverse individuals have, introduces them to advocates who are challenging neurodiversity stereotypes, and most importantly gives them a safe space to feel accepted.

This informative and educational book for children features: 

- Accurate, understandable explanations of diagnoses that impact the brain, including each area of neurodiversity and what it can or does mean for anyone with that particular neurological difference.
- A positive, friendly look at neurodiverse brains that debunks myths and stereotypes.
- Informative, inclusive text is accompanied by colorful, modern illustrations.
- The font and colors used have been selected to accommodate a range of neurodiverse readers.

Combining neurodiverse experiences with science, history, and brain-bursting facts, Wonderfully Wired Brains has something for everyone! Whether your child is neurodiverse or not, this book will inspire inquisitive young readers and show them that no two brains function in the same way and that everyone’s differences should be celebrated. There really is no other book like it.

About the Author

After years working in children's entertainment, Louise Gooding channeled her creativity into writing. Louise lives with her partner and children, and as she and her family are neurodiverse, she is passionate about increasing visibility in children's books.

Her debut, Just Like Me, is an anthology of inspirational figures who’re neurologically/physically diverse and was published with Studio Press to great acclaim. She’s also working on a children’s guide to dementia, which was inspired by Louise’s experience caring for a relative and will be released in 2023.

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ISBN: 9780744074635
ISBN-10: 0744074630
Publisher: DK Children
Publication Date: May 30th, 2023
Pages: 96
Language: English