The 100: New and Classic Monologues for Children & Young Adults (Paperback)

The 100: New and Classic Monologues for Children & Young Adults By Kirsty Budding Cover Image
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Perfect for auditions, drama classes and performances...

THE 100 offers a hundred new and classic monologues for children and young adults.

Written by award-winning playwright Kirsty Budding, the collection includes a helpful prologue with advice on performing monologues, followed by conveniently organised thematic sections with illustrations to indicate drama or comedy:

  • Fantasy & Fairytales (Fairies, Mermaids, a crazy Harry Potter fan and more );
  • Greek & Norse Mythology (Thor, Loki, Zeus, Hercules, Hades, Medusa...);
  • Teen Life (exam stress, romance, social media, sibling rivalry, cyber bullying...);
  • Secret Agents & Espionage (meet James Blonde and the agent who trained John Wick );
  • Comedy (laugh out loud as kids play teachers, dance divas, the Queen of England and more );
  • Drama (loss of grandparents, moving schools, growing up...),
  • Classic Literary Characters (Oliver Twist, Jo March, Jane Eyre...);
  • Historical Figures (Julius Caesar, Elizabeth I, Martin Luther King Jr...);
  • Christmas (Scrooge, Spoilt Child, Little Elf...)
  • Shakespeare (Romeo, Romeo; To Be or Not to Be...)

Perfect for auditions, school drama classes and performances, length and difficulty levels range to provide exciting options for children and teenagers ages 5-19. The book is ideal for families with children of different ages, as well as for use in schools with multiple year groups.

With a range unheard of in a monologue collection, it's the perfect resource for a young performer to use again and again on their acting journey.

"Playing Thor is awesome I just love all of it, it's super funny " - Harper Scott, age 9

"I love the 'Messy Room' monologue I think my Mum does too..." - Breanna Kelly, age 15

"I really enjoyed performing the School Principal monologue - great writing and a funny and relatable scenario " - Robert Wearden, age 17

"I admire Kirsty Budding's dry humour and wit in the monologue Almost Twenty. It got lots of laughs when I performed it for a university assignment because everyone could relate to those challenges and frustrations of becoming an adult." - Cecilia Waugh, age 19

"Kirsty Budding is a name to watch." - Stage Whispers

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ISBN: 9780648742104
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Publisher: Budding Theatre
Publication Date: December 13th, 2019
Pages: 130
Language: English