The Words the Caterpillar Ate: Changing the Language of You to Get Out of the Goo (Paperback)

The Words the Caterpillar Ate: Changing the Language of You to Get Out of the Goo By Belle Lockerby Cover Image
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When a caterpillar enters its chrysalis and hunkers down for a long-ass process of turning its tongue into its feet and its stomach into its soul, everything it was and everything it one day will be turns to goo.

When you were a thirty-something caterpillar, you knew who you were. You'd spent your whole life learning the many words and multiple roles that helped you boldly say, 'This is who I am.' You were a caterpillar, but you were also a powerhouse, chomping through goals like nobody's business.

Then you hit perimenopause - or maybe life hit you with divorce, death, or a dream functional bod that started going south.

And now you, my friend, are hip-deep in your own goo.

Suddenly all the words that once gave you meaning are jumbled around like the messy, gooey insides of a chrysalis. You know you ain't a caterpillar no more, but you certainly haven't got those butterfly feels. You're pushing fifty, brain-foggy, feeling like you've lost all the things that made you 'you'.

In this interactive guide to getting out of the goo and reshaping you, transformation coach Belle Lockerby helps you redefine the language that once gave you purpose to build yourself a brand-new butterfly dictionary - one that speaks to who you are becoming and what you want to leave behind.

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ISBN: 9780648695820
ISBN-10: 0648695824
Publisher: Anyway Publishing
Publication Date: November 22nd, 2022
Pages: 220
Language: English