Tocabaga 3: Warm Blood - Cold Steel (Paperback)

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I love our country, freedom, my family and friends. If anyone messes with my family or my friends, justice will be swift and painful. I have no use for anyone who breaks the law, cheats or steals. For the most part I follow the Ten Commandments but also believe in The Code of Hammurabi, which is an eye for an eye. I fight to keep our Bill of Rights under the United States Constitution. That is me, Jack Gunn, a.k.a. Tocabaga Jack and these are my chronicles.

About the Author

Thomas H. Ward is a best-selling author of suspense thriller fiction and nonfiction works. He is best known for his ten book series Tocabaga, and Templars Quest a three book series, Critical Incidents, and Gun Talk a nonfiction book about terrorism in the United States. As you can see by my picture I'm a friendly looking guy ... just trying to tell a good story that people can enjoy. I try to write in a manner that reflects how everyday people speak and act. I hope you enjoy my books. My fictional stories are based on my actual life experiences and knowledge which I have interwoven into them. "In every truth there is non-truth. In every fiction there is non-fiction." Thank you for reading my books. Email me with any comments, suggestions, or ideas. I will reply. Contact me at and receive the next book I write FREE. If you have read any of my books please place your review on Kindle. I greatly appreciate any reviews. If you purchase a paperback you can receive a Kindle copy FREE on Amazon. Education and Experience: Born in Chicago and raised in Cleveland he now resides in Tampa Florida. Ward, prior to becoming an Author, was a Metallurgical Engineer and Business Owner. He obtained an MBA in International Business. Having traveled extensively to thirteen different countries his favorite ones are China, Japan, and South Korea where he was based for a period of time. He has made 150 trips to Asian and Europe over a 20 year time period, becoming conversant in three different languages. Thomas is a student of World History and the Bible. In his younger days, during the Cold War and Vietnam War, he was employed by a government subcontractor which required a Department of Defense (DOD) Secret Clearance and Atomic Energy Commission (AEC) Classified Clearance. Over the years he became an expert in security operations and the use of small arms. He started writing technical manuals and business books years ago. Thomas turned to writing fictional stories when his publisher suggested he do so. "Thomas always had great stories to tell. His experience, travels, and imagination are a bonus for a fiction writer." Ward always places in his books the following quote which he composed: "In every truth there is non-truth, in every fiction there is non-fiction." Thomas H. Ward Hobbies include: reading, shooting, and physical fitness.

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ISBN: 9780615939339
ISBN-10: 0615939333
Publisher: Thomas H. Ward
Publication Date: December 13th, 2013
Pages: 164
Language: English