Deep Sound Channel: A Novel of Submarine Warfare (Jeffrey Fuller #1) (Paperback)

Deep Sound Channel: A Novel of Submarine Warfare (Jeffrey Fuller #1) By Joe Buff Cover Image
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An electrifying new voice in military fiction, Joe Buff has written a riveting and totally realistic tale of military adventure-a spectacular novel that is sure to establish this outstanding author as the new master of the genre. Vividly authentic and impeccably researched, it takes readers into the not-too-distant future, when the United States is embroiled in a tactical nuclear war that will mark a new era of weapons and tactics, geopolitical alignments, and human courage....

Deep Sound Channel

The year is 2011, and in South Africa a reactionary coup has established a military government that has begun sinking U.S. and British merchant ships. NATO quickly responds, with only Germany holding back-until Germany starts nuking Poland and eviscerating the French. Now the South Atlantic is a battleground where nuclear-tipped missiles rule-and the only gun worth using is one that seeks and fires from deep beneath the sea.

In response, Lieutenant Commander Jeffrey Fuller and the crew of the nuclear submarine USS Challenger are called in to help. Ceramic-hulled and designed for maximum stealth, the Challenger is being sent to South Africa for a mission critical to stopping the war. Together with a team of Navy SEALs and assisted by Boer freedom fighter Ilse Reebeck, Commander Fuller must infiltrate the enemy coast and attack a compound where scientists are putting together the ultimate biological weapon-a violent, deadly microbe that has the potential to wreak global devastation.

For Jeffrey Fuller, the operation will take him back to his former life as a SEAL. It's his job to steer the team of operatives to shore; penetrate concentric arcs of armaments, minefields, and sensors; and destroy the death lab. If the mission works, the
bioweapon will be destroyed and shock waves will cripple the South African government. If it goes wrong, fallout will kill thousands of innocent people.

Deep Sound Channel provides a rare and telling look into the future of our military's weapons-and into the horrific violence of tactical nuclear war. It is a cutting-edge masterpiece that takes readers on a wild and unforgettable ride of suspense, nuclear warfare, and underwater adventure

About the Author

Joe Buff is the author of Deep Sound Channel. He lives in Dutchess County, New York, with his wife and fellow writer, Sheila Buff.

Praise For…

"Puts the reader in the hull of a deep-diving combat Virginia-class submarine on a mission to hell itself....A superb high-water mark in naval fiction."
--Michael DiMercurio, author of Threat Vector and Piranha Firing Point

"Deep Sound Channel is a hell of a read."
--David Hagberg, author of Assassin and Without Honor

"An action-packed thriller that is all too real.  Lots of action, lots of grit."
--Dick Couch, Capt., U.S. Navy (Ret.), author of Rising Wind

"Nonstop and exhilarating...chilling and fascinating. Joe Buff takes the reader on a frightening ride in harm's way. A damn good story."
--Eric L. Harry, author of Invasion and Arc Light

"A sobering look into the possible future of undersea warfare-the one environment where nuclear weapons can, and probably will, be used."
--P. T. Deutermann, Capt., U.S. Navy (Ret.), author of Train Man and Scorpion in the Sea

"Deep Sound Channel demonstrates Joe Buff's intimate knowledge of undersea warfare....Nonstop action!"
--Barrett Tillman, author of The Sixth Battle and Warriors

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ISBN: 9780553762884
ISBN-10: 0553762885
Publisher: Bantam
Publication Date: June 26th, 2001
Pages: 432
Language: English
Series: Jeffrey Fuller