Indira and Daisy (Paperback)

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Grammar schoolgirls fourteen-year-old Indira Nathwani and Daisy Royston have been best friends since they were four years old. Indira lives in Southeast England with her wealthy Hindu family, an older brother, pious grandfather, parents, and aunt and uncle. In their temple room her grandfather teaches her to worship and serve God with love and devotion. Daisy lives with her mother, a single parent who works hard to provide for her.
´╗┐Since her devout Christian grandmother's death, Daisy rarely attends church. Sometimes she and Indira agree to disagree about their cultures and religions, but it never affects their friendship. However, Indira, who is not allowed to go out alone, is envious of her best friend's freedom. Daisy's only known relative is her mother, who she loves and appreciates, but she struggles not to envy Indira for having a large, perfect family. Daisy stays at the Nathwani's house to celebrate Diwali and the Hindu new year on the next day. To reciprocate, Daisy's mother invites Indira to stay for three nights at her house to celebrate Christmas. The Nathwani family's refusal leads to tragedy, which Indira is blamed for, then a shocking revelation causes distress. Indira is distraught and Daisy realises Indira's family is not perfect.

"A fascinating view of two vastly different cultures shown through these two teenage girls." Maggi Andersen.

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ISBN: 9780228626213
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Publisher: BWL Publishing Inc.
Publication Date: July 13th, 2023
Pages: 210
Language: English