Just a Worm (Hardcover)

Just a Worm By Marie Boyd, Marie Boyd (Illustrator) Cover Image
By Marie Boyd, Marie Boyd (Illustrator)
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After being called “just a worm” by two children, Worm embarks on a journey around the garden to prove them wrong. Debut author-illustrator Marie Boyd seamlessly incorporates concepts of nature, natural selection, habitats, and interdependence in this picture book beautifully illustrated with a cut-paper technique called quilling.

Worm isn’t “just a worm,” no matter what anyone says. Worm is special! Right? Worm sets out across the garden to prove it, interviewing one garden inhabitant after another. Butterfly seems to have all kinds of important qualities—as do Snail, Dragonfly, Ladybug, and Spider. But what can Worm do? What makes Worm special? Maybe Worm is just a worm after all . . . and what’s so bad about that!

This STEAM-themed picture book explores the many wonderful and unique ways in which Worm and friends contribute to the garden and work together to make it grow. Just a Worm celebrates everyone’s individuality and highlights the importance of interdependence—how it’s necessary for a stable, collaborative, and healthy environment. Using the ancient craft of quilling, Marie Boyd meticulously created each illustration out of strips of colored paper that she shaped, layered, and glued to produce a lush three-dimensional world.

Just a Worm is a great read-aloud for family sharing and is a terrific choice for classrooms where the concepts of nature and the natural world are introduced, as well as for teaching social skills such as collaboration and empathy.

Includes a quilling craft for young readers, facts about earthworms, a glossary, and a special message to readers from Worm. 

Praise For…

“The cleverness of this story lies in its lighthearted, effective dissemination of information about various insects as well as earthworms. . . . The stunning illustrations are done in quilled paper—a centuries-old technique that involves assembling strips of colored paper into shapes—which adds sparkle and originality. . . . An engaging, informative narrative.” — Kirkus Reviews

“Boyd takes readers on a journey through a spring garden as a worm tries to discover what makes it special. Along the way, it speaks to various bugs and insects about their own talents before finding its own. . . . The information works best with preschoolers, who will love the standout in the book: gorgeous paper quilled artwork, which makes the garden jump off the page. . . . A lovely first work, and a talent to watch.” — School Library Journal

“An earthworm determinedly attempts to debunk the idea that it’s ‘just a worm’ in this educational tribute. . . . Boyd’s scenes consist primarily of three-dimensional paper art, which features elaborate quilling techniques. The wiggler (and the reader) eventually come to appreciate the unique role its kind plays in helping make a garden grow.” — Publishers Weekly

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ISBN: 9780063212565
ISBN-10: 0063212560
Publisher: Greenwillow Books
Publication Date: March 14th, 2023
Pages: 32
Language: English