Park Road Books March Madness

In 1904, the world got a swell guy,

A teller of tales who could make you dreams fly;

And now the time’s come to give thanks for his birth,

For those wise, charming books full of wonder and mirth:

The Doctor loved books, and his stories made waves,

And we know they’re all gems – but we’ve all got our faves.

So for lovers of books, here’s the ultimate test:

A bracket of tales, where we’ll root out the best.

For each week, cast a vote in a tiny square box,

For the Whos or the Sneetches or the Fox that wears Socks

Thing 1’s for the left side, Thing 2’s for the right,

And for just one month we’ll take votes day and night.

We’ll narrow our picks ‘til we’re left with just one,

It’s a chance to give thanks, and to have some nice fun.

So if YOU love the Doc, you’ve got 16 choices,

And if YOU love one the most, time to raise up your voices!


For the month of March, Park Road Books will be doing our own version of March Madness! We are celebrating Dr. Seuss’s birth and National Education Association: Read Across America by asking, you the customer, to vote each week on your favorite Dr. Seuss book.

To cast your vote, come in to the store and pick from that week’s choices (found at the main counter). Can’t make it in to the store? Stop by our website to see that week’s picks and send an email to