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Park Road Books Book Clubs: 

The Flamethrowers by Rachel Kushner

The Park Road Books Book Club will be reading The Flamethrowers by Rachel Kushner for their May meeting. New Bremen, The year is 1975 and Reno--so-called because of the place of her birth--has come to New York intent on turning her fascination with motorcycles and speed into art. Her arrival coincides with an explosion of activity in the art world--artists have colonized a deserted and industrial SoHo, are staging actions in the East Village, and are blurring the line between life and art. Reno meets a group of dreamers and raconteurs who submit her to a sentimental education of sorts. Ardent, vulnerable, and bold, she begins an affair with an artist named Sandro Valera, the semi-estranged scion of an Italian tire and motorcycle empire. When they visit Sandro's family home in Italy, Reno falls in with members of the radical movement that overtook Italy in the seventies. Betrayal sends her reeling into a clandestine undertow. Book club participants will receive 20% off the $17.00 price.

The Park Road Books Book Club meets the first Tuesday of each month at 6:30 pm; this month they will be meeting at Sir Edmund Halley's (right around the corner from the bookstore). Join us on May 6th.  



Red Moon by Benjamin Percy

The Park Road Books Geek Book Club!  

The Park Road Books Geek Book Club meets at the store on the second Tuesday of the month at 7:00 pm. Join us on May 13th. We will be reading Red Moon by Benjamin Percy. They are our neighbors, our mothers, our lovers. They change. When government agents kick down Claire Forrester's front door and murder her parents, Claire realizes just how different she is. Patrick Gamble was nothing special until the day he got on a plane and hours later stepped off it, the only passenger left alive, a hero. Chase Williams has sworn to protect the people of the United States from the menace in their midst, but he is becoming the very thing he has promised to destroy. So far, the threat has been controlled by laws and violence and drugs. But the night of the red moon is coming, when an unrecognizable world will emerge...and the battle for humanity will begin. Book club participants will receive 20% off the $16.00 price.



More Bread Please by Markus Roberts


The Park Road Books Foodie Book Club is held at the store on the last Tuesday of each month at 7:00 pm. Join us on April 29. The Park Road Books Foodie Book Club will be reading More Bread Please: High-End Dining from the Pro Server's Perspective by Markus Roberts, and the author will be in attendance! Working in the restaurant industry for almost two decades gave Markus Roberts more than enough material to produce a practical and honest, yet humorous guide created to improve the higher end of the industry for both consumers and employees alike. His passion to excel in ballroom dancing, with plans for opening his own studio in the future, led him to move to NYC and spend six years acquiring some of the best training the country had to offer. Though his book was designed primarily as a guide to help ensure consumers enjoy fantastic dining experiences, he also provides useful information and insight for those interested in a career in fine dining. Included is a behind-the-scenes look into the business of wine, a reference of restaurant jargon, a section on Restaurant Week, a taste of health inspections, and much more. Participants will receive 20% off the $16.95 price. Please join us and Markus Roberts on April 29th at 7:00 PM.  



Fridays in April we will be hosting Poetry Workshops!

Join Rachel Kubie, a librarian for Charlotte Public, in discussing four poetry titles here at PRB each Friday in April. 

A Little White Shadow, by Mary Ruefle

Even So: New & Selected Poems, by Gary Young

Blood Dazzler, by Patricia Smith

Dictee, by Theresa Hak Kyung Cha 



The SheReads Book Club is a national online fiction book club.
Founded in September 2009 by MaryBeth Whalen, a NC native,
they believe a story is the shortest distance to a human heart. 
Find out more here!





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